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What do you think are the cultural differences between Americans and Europeans?

Wednesday, December 19

“Let’s begin with history. America has only two centuries of history, while Europe went through centuries of development. Europe is closer to us, richer in cultural and history than America is.”
Elene, musician, 31

“Well, both are very developed and economically strong. They have a lot in common. Especially now, with globalization, it’s hard to find differences between them other than what’s in the history books.”
Giorgi, geographer, 26

“America is a young country. Though it’s managed to achieve great economic success in two centuries, it lacks culture. Europe has a long history and plenty of culture.”
Irina, student, 21

“I think they have many things in common. Living standards are high, and the people are very independent. I like the way they live: everyone is busy, and they all know what they’re supposed to do. I wish Georgians were like them.”
Keti, banker, 34

“Americans are a more fluent people. By that, I mean they are very independent but at the same time very cold. Europeans are educated and polite, and they have more attractive people than America.”
Rati, economist, 25

“I’m crazy for America, New York is my dream. Europe is nice, but America is completely different. A lot of people, a lot of sights, and friendly people who are smiling all the time.”
Tika, student, 19

“I don’t know any of them well, but in my opinion Europe had a more academic style and culture, whereas the US is more free and modern.”
Akaki, IDP, 77

“Judging from my experience living in Germany, Europeans think that Americans are more arrogant and have lower IQs. The European system of education is considered of a higher standard than the American one, which is more about specialization, while the Europeans value broader knowledge. At the same time, Americans, with their hyper-power ego, have little notion of the world outside their borders.”
Megi, German-English language specialist, 27