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What are your wishes for the New Year?

Monday, December 31
I wish for the people of Georgia to survive the January 5 election. I feel like its a crucial event for us. Let 2008 be a peaceful year for Georgia.
Maka, journalist, 29

I want to wish all of Georgia its best year ever. I think we deserve the very best. We must be wise next year, and not make any mistakes. Many things depend on us now.
Vakho, sociologist, 27

Id wish for something very unusualin a good wayto happen to me next year. As for Georgia, I hope that Georgians will be patient. Were going through a difficult period right now, but I believe well be fine.
Rita, PR agent, 27

I wish for myself to find a better job. For others, I think some prosperity in Georgia is much needed.
Malkhaz, photographer, 45

Id like to buy a new computer next year. I also want my family to be happy, and smile more.
Nika, pupil, 15

I wish for my dreams to come true. And Id tell the Georgian people: dream, dream, dream.
Keto, stylist, 25

I dont have any exceptional wishes. I just want a peaceful and fruitful year for me and my family.
Eliso, editor, 37

Id like to start a project with my friends, and hopefully itll happen next year. I hope that all of those who want to achieve have their wishes come true in 2008.
Valeri, IT specialist, 30

I wish to find more happiness and love next year, and the same thing for everyone else.
Elene, manager, 32