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Would you support an opposition street protest?

Wednesday, January 9
“I don’t think protests will have any results. I don’t support them. How long can they last? The politicians need to reach a consensus, and stop using and manipulating the people.”
Davit, driller, 47

“No way. I’m very disappointed. If they wanted to remove Saakashvili, they had a chance in November.”
Lili, librarian, 56

“These elections were rigged—the Georgian people were deceived yet again. We must defend the truth, we must support Gachechiladze. He could have won the election if there weren’t so many irregularities.”
Nodari, student, 22

“I don’t think people will support the protests. It’s winter, it’s cold, we’re tired of disturbances in the country. I just want Georgia live in peace and calm. Let everyone mind their own business, and things will be okay.”
Nana, teacher, 39

“I’m fed up with the opposition’s stupid actions.”
Nika, student, 19

“Well, I understand that many people don’t like the election’s results, but Georgians, including the opposition, should get used to the fact that Saakashvili won. Protests are useless.”
Maia, housewife, 44

“I would join them if it weren’t so cold, but I think my health is more important then street protests.”
Keti, student, 21

“On January 13 [the date of the next protest], I will be next to my people. It’s unimaginable that Saakashvili is still our president.
Kakhi, lecturer, 57

“No, no and no.”
Shota, pensioner, 70