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Will you support the opposition in preventing parliament from convening next month?

Tuesday, May 27
“What’s the point? I voted for a party and for a majoritarian candidate and they both won. I want them to represent my interests in parliament. Is that wrong?”
Nana, hairdresser, 36

“Yes, of course. The opposition is right—the ruling party is getting on their nerves and ours.”
Murmani, engineer, 57

“Yes, I will. Will it be a parliament or a stadium with only one team running after the ball?”
Nino, student, 23

“The opposition is behaving appropriately, but I’m very afraid of what will happen in the end. We know the consequences of November 7.”
Mariami, Russian specialist, 72

“In general it’s a good idea, I think, but I don’t know how they’ll manage it without violence. If there’s violence, I’m not supporting them.”
Gela, businessman, 45

“In this country, worse things have happened. I don’t care what they do as long as there’s no violence or deaths.”
Tamriko, economist, 24

“Yes, I support this. I’ll be there. The elections were rigged and we deserve a better parliament than this one.”
Petre, retiree, 73

“They’ll achieve nothing anyway. I don’t see the point. They’d be better off fighting from the inside.”
Nika, student, 23

“I think the opposition is a bit crazy. They’re getting carried away. We, the Georgian people, elected this parliament and they should work for us. Who do they think they are?”
Nana, housewife, 55