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Is the opposition’s campaign finished?

Thursday, June 5
“No, they will continue their fight from the street, or however they can. I think the opposition are people who will never give up.”
Nika, administrator, 28

“Well, they lost everything they could have lost. I don’t know what can they do now, so I guess it’s over.”
Nino, manager, 45

“Yes. I think the Georgian people are very tired of street protests—and that’s the only thing the opposition is capable of doing.”
Giorgi, doctor, 41

“No, it isn’t finished yet. It isn’t as bitter as it was, but it goes on. It’s a pity they can’t agree on their tactics.”
Nodari, Spain specialist, 27

“It is finished, of course. Nothing can stop our officials from doing what they want to do.”
Magda, teacher, 38

“Unfortunately, it’s done. They couldn’t do anything against this iron government.”
Nana, dentist, 55

“It’s not finished yet, but it will weaken day-by-day. The opposition is not solid and people can’t rally perpetually.”
Lali, housewife, 36

“No. They will continue the campaign, but there’s no sense to it. [President Mikheil] Saakashvili will never agree to repeat elections.”
Vladimir, pensioner, 66

“I think so. Now the government will try to convince the opposition to cooperate with them, and sooner or later the opposition will have to agree.”
Irakli, student, 22