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Do you drive? Is a car worth the expense in Tbilisi?

Wednesday, July 23
ďYes, I drive. But every day I think about selling my car. It gets on my nerves. Thereís terrible traffic jams and fuel is very expensive.Ē
Dato, economist, 32

ďI donít drive and have no desire to. I donít understand how people manage to drive in Tbilisiís streets. Itís an awful mess.Ē
Mariami, student, 20

ďNo, it really isnít. Itís so expensive it really isnít worth it.Ē
Dito, photographer, 39

ďNo, I donít drive. I donít like driving in general. Iíd rather have someone drive me or take public transportation.Ē
Nato, consultant, 35

ďI like driving, but there are increasingly more cars in the streets and more traffic jams. Itís very frustrating for me.Ē
Kote, manager, 40

ďI canít afford a car, but I think itís worth it, because public transportation is terrible in this city. And itís also getting more and more expensive.Ē
Lado, unemployed, 24

ďIím selling my car now. I bought it a year ago but Iíve found itís too expensive to run one in Tbilisi.Ē
Gela, lawyer, 25

ďI have a car, but I donít use it often. Fuel is getting more expensive and traffic on the streets is terrible.Ē
Merab, security worker, 31

ďI donít have a car, but Iím saving up to buy one. I think Iíll buy something small and economical.Ē
Alex, systems administrator, 24