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Compiled by Sopo Datishvili
Tuesday, November 18
Equality institute puts blame on Goga Khaindrava

Kviris Palitra reports that the Equality Institute is accusing its former member Goga Khaindrava of appropriating USD 5 million. Its spokesperson Nino Petriashvili has announced that there are witnesses who can confirm that Khaindrava took money deriving from the illegal drugs and arms trade from the Boris Berezovsky Foundation.

According to Petriashvili, when Khaindrava was a member of the Equality Institute the Berezovsky Foundation offered to donate USD 5 million to the organization. Khaindrava opposed this and left the Institute, but later took the money himself although it had been donated to the Institute.

Nino Petriashvili said that Russian intelligence agents can be found in the ranks of both Government and opposition, as the case against Khaindrava demonstrates.

Tskhinvali speaks about the clan of Georgian spies

According to Kviris Palitra, the Kommersant newspaper has published an article concerning a database found in the village of Tamarasheni by the Tskhinvali intelligence agency. This gives the names and details of people who secretly worked for Georgian intelligence in the region at various times.

“One person has already been arrested. Border Intelligence Agency of South Ossetia officer Major Temur Kuchmazov has been charged with high treason. He didn’t deny co-operating with the Georgian Intelligence Agency,” says the paper. Kuchmazov said that he got acquainted with someone who at first suggested a joint business venture and then persuaded him to provide information, for which he received USD 2,500.

Kommersant suggests that the discovered database might at some point be used against people Kokoity is dissatisfied with.

The Parliamentary Committee on Agricultural Issues has a new Chairman 24 Saati reports that MP Archil Gegenava has been unanimously elected as the Chairman of the Parliamentary Agricultural Committee. The position had become vacant when the MP for Gurjaani was made the Governor of Kakheti region.

Vice-Speaker of Parliament Mikheil Machavariani has expressed the hope that Gegenava, who entered Parliament as a “meteorite,” will work productively due to his experience in agriculture.

“We might get into the worst conditions then we are now”, Burjanadze says

“We might get into worse conditions then we are in now,” says the President of the Foundation for Democratic Development, Nino Burjanadze, 24 Saati reports.

Burjanadze claims there are clear signs that Georgia might be caught up in a new provocation soon. “There exist clear signs of such a threat and I’m not sure that the Government has the capacity to avoid new provocations,” Burjanadze noted.

She thinks that the only way out of this difficult situation is to hold snap elections in spring. “I don’t think that the Parliamentary and Presidential lections planned in four years will change the situation. The country needs an immediate way out of the crisis and a Government which isn’t thinking about retaining its position at the expense of cheating people. We need a Government which cares about the country. This Government certainly hasn’t the trust and resources inside or outside the country to solve all these problems”, Burjanadze said.