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What do you expect from the second round of Geneva talks?

Tuesday, November 18
“Should I expect something important? No, I don’t think important and serious decisions will be made, these talks have no sense.”
Ketevan, pensioner, 61

“I hope some measures will be taken which oblige Russian troops to withdraw from at least Akhalgori and Perevi. I have no idea what they are doing there.”
Tika, student, 20

“When we don’t have diplomats who will arrange negotiations and meetings properly no decisions will be made in favour of Georgia, so I don’t expect anything special.”
Sandro, student, 23

“To tell the truth I don't have great expectations from these talks, as I have already found out, as an ordinary citizen of this country, that there are no real results from these kind of talks. I will wait and see what real actions will take place.”
Viola, housewife, 34

“I think all these international talks and discussions are vain. The problem should be solved between the two sides. I have the feeling lately that the position of international society has changed towards Georgia.”
Nino, philologist, 29

“International opinion is very important for such a small country as Georgia. In my opinion the conference will be one step towards substituting Russian troops with international ones.”
Tea, student, 20

“I’m already tired of all these international summits and dialogues. Nobody can make Russia do something that it doesn’t want, as it is one of the most powerful countries in the world. I don’t have the illusion that Moscow will withdraw its troops from Georgian territory as soon as the summit is finished.”
Dali, housewife, 56