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Compiled by Sopo Datishvili
Tuesday, November 25
New ambassadors will be appointed

Akhali Taoba reports that some of Georgia’s diplomatic representatives are about to change.

The new Georgian Ambassador to Israel will be Vakhtang Jaoshvili, previously the Attache and First Secretary to the Consul at the Georgian Embassy in Israel. He speaks French, English, Russian and Hebrew. Zviad Chumburidze will be appointed as the new Ambassador to Hungary. He is currently leading one of the departments of the Georgian Foreign Ministry. He has representative experience as a former Ambassador to Greece.

Georgia used to have a single representative for both Hungary and Austria, Victor Dolidze. After Chumburidze takes office, he will continue as Ambassador to Austria only.

Arti Group makes complaint against the Government of Georgia

Akhali Taoba reports that the International Building Company and Priza Ltd., the companies which make up the Arti Group, will sue the Georgian Government in the Strasbourg human rights court. According to the company it is seeking damages of USD 100 million.

The company’s lawyer, Dimitri Gabunia, says that the Georgian Government, through the Ministry of Finance, promulgated administrative acts that were themselves illegal and deliberately destroyed legal and solvent enterprises. He adds that the companies will also sue the judges who allowed these things to happen and will demand their dismissal.

Our Abkhazia is against Georgia joining NATO

The newly established political union Our Abkhazia is against Georgia joining NATO. Akhali Taoba reports.

The organisation’s representative Roland Nijaradze told Interpressnews yesterday that Our Abkhazia is the political successor of the Abkhazia Liberation Party founded by Tamaz Nadareishvili. Its aim is to restore dialogue with Abkhazia, to involve refugees in this process and to improve their social conditions before they are able to return to their homes.

“To secure the normal development of the country, it mustn’t become the battleground of big countries. Georgia should change its mind about wanting to join NATO and solve the problems preventing it establishing peace with Russia as well as with Abkhazia,” Nijaradze added. He added that there is also a progressive element in Abkhazia which wants to start dialogue with Georgia, but the Government seems not to care about this.

Nijaradze continued, “Why do we remember only bad things about Russia? It has done much good to Georgia as well. Let’s take Akaki Tsereteli and Ilia Chavchavadze. They were educated in Russia and then used their knowledge on behalf of Georgia,” said Nijaradze.

Maestro will start political programming from December 2

Akhali Taoba reports that TV Maestro will start broadcasting political programmes from December 2.

The founder of TV Maestro, Mamuka Glonti, told Interpressnews that on December 2 the channel will broadcast the evening talk show Profession - Journalist. At 16:00 that day Mamuka Glonti will be waiting for the license promised him by the Communication Regulating Commission. “I hope they won’t change their mind,” said Glonti.

Broadcasting information and other programmes will depend upon the finances of the TV channel, which does not yet have a suitable technical base or finances to undertake this. Negotiations about financing are already underway. “We have gone broke for about the 5th or 6th time already. We don’t have any technical equipment. The only project we can afford is a small talk show,” added Glonti.