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Do you think Kitsmarishvili's accusations are fair?

Friday, November 28
“Kitsmarishvili was close to Saakashvili. He spoke about what he witnessed and I think he is absolutely right. The war was Russia’s fault, but our President’s impulsiveness worked on behalf of them.”
Lado, artist, 49

“I think Kitsmarishvili knows even more then he has already told the Commission. All his accusations are true and this irritates the Government most of all.”
Lasha, programmer, 24

“The number of those surrounding Mikheil Saakashvili narrows every day. I think Kitsmarishvili’s accusations are true, though proving them with facts is impossible.”
Mari, teacher, 29

“I don’t like the tendency of former Government officials making confessions and accusing others of being involved in different crimes after their own resignations. That’s what I really think about people like that.”
iorgi, 25, painter

“Well, I think yes!!! Everything he was doing was prompted by the Government and now they reject all the accusations.”
Nino, student, 20

“I don't think that they are fair.... I don't want to believe him... He just couldn’t prove his own claims.”
Natia, teacher, 35

“He just repeats things that Russians say about Georgia. I really think that he might be connected with them.”
Baia, doctor, 59