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How do you think the permanent provocations will affect the situation in the conflict regions?

Tuesday, December 2
“I think the situation is so complicated nowadays that we may face another war by the end of this winter, unfortunately.”
Levan, Bank Administrator, 25

“The economic situation in the country may worsen, besides we may lose innocent people. The dream of MAP will remain unreal forever. We don’t need another war! But if the situation changes in our favour NATO may become reality and Georgia will join the organization successfully.”
Nino, Social Scientist, 22

“I think permanent provocations are being made as further steps towards another war between Georgia and Russia. This artificial provocation covers a much serious conflict. The consequences may be crucial for Georgia. We should try to avoid any provocation and keep calm to protect our nation and our economy from danger.”
Mamuka, doctor, 45

“I think the situation doesn’t need any further stirring. The situation is extremely strained. I don’t think Russia wants war again. In my opinion it will just continue with permanent local provocations.”
Maka, dancer, 27

“Russia won’t stop, and in some way this gives us a hand, as international society might strengthen its pressure on Moscow”.
Giorgi, student, 19

“Of course it is unpleasant. Every day we hear about new provocations in the conflict zone. I cannot say what kind of effect they might have but I doubt that Russia wants to start another war, and these provocations serve for that purpose.”
Eka, housewife, 43