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Will the meeting between Ilia II and Medvedev have a positive effect on Georgia?

Thursday, December 11
“Our Patriarch has great power, without him many worse things could happen. I think the Patriarch can ensure the Russians do not continue to be aggressive and somehow calm down. He is the father of the whole of Georgia and our country will recover with his prayers, I am sure.”
Mariam, pensioner, 63

“Ilia II is the only person in Georgia whom the nation trusts, I think his involvment in Georgian-Russian relations will be effective and I hope very soon we will see the results, of course positive.”
Maia, housewife, 45

“We saw that the meeting between Ilia II and Medvedev was of high importance and the Russian politicians were diplomatically polite, but it doesn’t mean that Russian aggressive politics towards Georgia will change.”
Goga, bank manager, 32

“I think that political issues should be solved by politicians and not Church representatives. It shows vividly that right now Georgia has a politician crisis.”
Sandro, painter, 27

“I don’t think Medvedev is the decision maker in Russia. It would be better if the Patriarch met Putin instead of Medvedev.”
Gvantsa, student, 20

“The Patriarch is the greatest diplomat this country has ever had. I think the meeting between him and Medvedev will prove the first positive move after the war.”
Madona, musician, 49

“It’s good that our Ilia II meets Russian leaders. I don’t have the illusion that it can change the situation drastically but I’m sure this meeting will be good for the country. I believe in the Patriarch.”
Ani, student, 19

“To my mind this meeting must bring a good result for Georgian-Russian relations and Georgia in general, but nobody knows when this result will emerge.”
Gogi, economist, 46

“I think that nobody knows the answer to this question really, but in my opinion it will be better if the result is positive and I hope that everybody understands this.”
Nana, teacher, 34