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Do you think the Geneva talks will help the IDPs return?

Friday, December 19
"I think the Geneva talks will not assist in the future resettlement of IDPs on Abkhazian territory as long as Abkhazian (Russian) side makes this too conditional and at the same time shows no sign of making concessions over the issue."
Mamuka, driver, 34

“I am not sure that these talks will bring anything positive for our IDPs, but let’s hope.”
Tamuna, student, 22

“I don’t want to be too skeptical, but when Russia recognized our territories’ independence I lost the last hope that we will ever return there.”
Lali, pensioner, 69

“It can bring some positive results, why not? Negotiations and dialogue are essential for both sides. Personally I am sure that we will return there soon, and in a peaceful way of course.”
Irakli, economist, 30

"The Geneva talks will result in nothing as long as any serious breakthrough will come only if Russia steps back."
Maiko, student, 21

"The Abkhazian/Russian side will make IDP return conditional as long as possible. Regional demography works at the expense of the Abkhazian/Russian side. Thus we should not hope for any positive outcomes.”
Davit, teacher, 42

“It is not sensible to make a prognosis. The IDPs will return when Russia does not have such aggressive authorities and when Abkhazians say ‘we don’t want Russia, we prefer Georgia.’ When that will happen, I don’t know.”
Sandro, writer, 27