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Tuesday, December 23
CITI bank issues TBC bank USD 44 million credit

On December 19 2008 Citibank issued USD 44 million credit to TBC bank. The agreement concerning this was signed one month ago, when Citi Bank decided to finance TBC bank to the tune of USD 40 million under the 100% guarantee of OPIC (the Overseas Private Investment Corporation) and issue an additional 4 million unguaranteed credit.

This sum has now been assigned to TBC’s account. The credit has a 13 year maturity. With this assistance TBC bank will fund small and medium-sized business loans, mortgage loans and consumer credits.
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Opening of two new Ministries postponed for a month

The opening for business of the Ministry for Regional Government and Infrastructure and the Ministry for Penitentiary Affairs has been postponed for a month.

As Parliamentary Secretary for the Government Gia Khuroshvili told journalists, the establishment of the two new Ministries was planned for January 2009 but connected with other reorganization issues, and an appeal would be sent to the President and Parliament requesting thast they should be given another month before they begin functioning.

The Ministry for Penitentiary Affairs is the merger of the Ministry of Justice with the General Prosecutor’s Office undertaken in line with constitutional amendments.
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Foreign Minister most suitable person for his post in Georgian Government – Poll

Foreign Minister of Georgia Grigol Vashadze is the person most suited to his post in Government, a poll undertaken by weekly newspaper Kviris Palitra with 426 respondents says.

Respondents were asked to give the Ministers a certain number of points out of eight as a measure of their suitability for their roles. Vashadze scored an average of 6.88 points. 50% of respondents giving him the maximum 8 points.

Minister of Economic Development Lasha Zhvania was second with 5.85 points, third was Defence Minister David Sikharulidze with 5.81 points, Prime Minister Grigol Mgaloblishvili fourth with 5.53 points. Last place was taken by Secretary of the National Security Council Eka Tkeshelashvili, who gained 2.61 points per respondent.
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Georgian Communists mark Stalin’s birthday

Activists of the Communist Party of Georgia and representatives of NGOs marked the 129th anniversary of the birth of Joseph Stalin in Gori on Sunday. Many people laid flowers at the monument to Stalin in the centre of the city.

The head of the “Stalin” organization Grigol Oniani told journalists that he could not understand the hatred of the present Georgian authorities towards Stalin.

“The whole world acknowledges Stalin’s role, the whole world knows him as a Georgian, but the present Georgian authorities try to eliminate everything connected with this great person, even in his native town Gori,” Oniani said.
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