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Is it necessary to hold snap Parliamentary and Presidential elections in Georgia?

Tuesday, December 23
“Today, I don’t see any need to hold elections again. Moreover, when some politicians start talking about elections I start laughing, because nowhere in the world are there elections every year or twice a year. It’s ridiculous!”
Anano, student 20

“If I have guarantees that a new President or Government will bring peace and welfare to the country I would say snap elections are necessary, but unfortunately there do not exist such guarantees. Everyone wants to be a President or high ranking personage but none of them think about the people and their problems.”
Dali, housewife, 50

“It’s Russia’s great wish to have elections here in Georgia. They will benefit from internal political confrontations and conduct more provocations and aggression here.”
Davit, driver, 42

“It makes no difference. I am sure the results will be the same and Saakashvili's party will win.”
Viola, housewife, 33

“To my mind elections must be held, because theyt will decide our future, the future of our country and our children. Otherwise Georgia may just disappear, if the Government doesn’t change.”
Elene, manager, 28

“In my opinion it doesn’t matter, because our Government won’t give up their seats and will do everything to keep the situation unchanged in Georgia.”
Gogi, teacher, 56

“It is necessary to hold snap Parliamentary and Presidential elections because this isn’t the way of democracy we are standing on now.”
Badri, dentist, 48

“The President is afraid of another election. That’s why he says publicly that it would have a great impact on the Georgian economy. There must be snap elections as neither this President nor Parliament was chosen by the people.”
Beka, economist, 34

“Snap elections are really necessary in the country, whether it makes the Georgian economy vulnerable or not.”
Ani, student, 18

“I think our President is afraid of this election. That’s why he is talking about the high cost of elections all the time. But I believe elections must be held, that is the only way to change this Government.”
Tiniko, dancer, 36