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Analyst criticizes 2009 budget

By Messenger Staff
Thursday, March 26
Leader of the Movement Justice Shota Gvenetadze thinks that according to budget figures the Georgian economy has declined to 2006 levels. In 2007 budget revenues were just over GEL 5 billion and in 2008 just over GEL 6 billion. After the war with Russia in January-February 2009 the revenues decreased dramatically, meaning that the underlying tendency is negative and the 2009 budget should be cut.

The authorities are trying to convince the population that despite the decrease in revenue the budgetary indicators are being met, as they say the decrease was envisaged in the budget. However if the tendency of decline continues the state budget will be under threat. Gvenetadze thinks that the 2009 budget has been incorrectly planned and will clearly show a serious deficit at year end.