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ICC-Georgia Board meets Ambassadors

Thursday, March 26
On March 24 the Board of Directors of ICC-Georgia met the Ambassadors of the European Union and Turkey at the Tbilisi Marriott to discuss the current investment climate and the planned protests of April 9.

The ICC Board emphasized the necessity of keeping the dialogue between the Government and opposition off the streets; street protests can only transmit a negative message about Georgia, and will result in the undermining of the economy and businesses and lead to a dramatic loss of jobs, said Fady Asly, Chairman of the ICC Board.

ICC-Georgia urges both Government and opposition to jumpstart a constructive dialogue around the negotiating table. Businesses have suffered a lot since November 2007 and are currently facing serious challenges which jeopardize their survival; this situation can only worsen if we see street rallies and protests, added Fady Asly. As a result of these discussions the Ambassadors agreed to relay to both Government and opposition the apprehension of the business community and to strongly advocate for peaceful and civilized negotiations.

ICC-Georgia is the Georgian national committee of the International Chamber of Commerce, a global business organization which unites hundreds of thousands of member companies from over 130 countries into a representative body which speaks with authority on behalf of businesses worldwide.