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Compiled by Sopo Datishvili
Thursday, March 26
Low quality water has caused hepatitis cases in Poti

Sakartvelos Respublika reports that 11 people have been infected with hepatitis B in Poti over the last three days. As a doctor in the Infection Department at Poti Central Hospital, Khatuna Adamia, said, the patients presented the symptoms of high temperature, nausea and tiredness. After medical treatment their condition is stable.

According to the doctor, the infection could be spread over a wider larger area, as not everyone will ask for hospital treatment.

The patients are aged between 14 and 25. Doctors suspect that the infection was caused by low quality water.

The Director of Poti Water Canal says that the water in the town goes through several tests every day and results show its quality is always within acceptable levels.

Judge’s mistake confines a prisoner for too long

Sakartvelos Respublika reports that MP Guram Chakhvadze of the National Democratic Party has asked the General Prosecutor to take an interest in the case of juvenile prisoner Kakha Jamalashvili.

Chakhvadze stated at a plenary session of Parliament that Jamalashvili will be obliged to remain in prison for twice the correct term because judge Nato Khujadze was incompetent. He added that appealing against the sentence is impossible as the case has already been discussed at every procedural level. Chakhvadze says that the case was even discussed at the Council of Justice, which confirmed the mistake of the judge.

The MP asked Parliament to repeal the law which forbids the retrial of a case already discussed at all procedural levels. Chakhvadze also demands that Jamalashvili be set free.

“It is well known that part of the opposition is financed by Russia”- Rcheulishvili

Versia has published an interview with Vakhtang Rcheulishvili, political analyst and former MP.

“No government is perfect, ours isn’t an exception. I won’t say whether our Government is good or bad, the people know this better. Our Government has its advantages and disadvantages, and it has made some mistakes. I understand those who didn’t approve of our involvement in the war. I didn’t like it either but one should also point out some advantages of this Government as well.

“The misfortune of our President is that escaping from the Russian Empire is very difficult. Sometimes I like Misha more than wise Shevardnadze. The question is what is better; hesitation or making a decision about going to war. The results weren’t satisfying but the situation isn’t so bad as the opposition claims. I understand the opposition as well. If they say positive things about Saakashvili, they will lose supporters.

“Both the President and the opposition exaggerate when they accuse each other of being agents of Russia. But it is well known that part of the opposition is financed by Russia. I can see how this is being done. Russia never finances political parties in a direct way. For this, they use any Georgian living in Russia. They even tried this with me when I was involved in politics. Mamuka Jincharadze, who is dead now, came to me and suggested cooperation. He helped me in business and then in politics. But when he saw that I wouldn’t be an active revolutionary (in the Rose Revolution, as part of the Zhvania-Noghaideli alliance) he disappeared.

At first he was my friend, then Zhvania’s. I don’t know where and how he obtained his capital but I am really sorry that he was murdered. I will never forget his kindness when he joined me in buying a house in Jerusalem which later I gave to the Georgian Church.”