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Are you a follower of fashion?

Thursday, March 26
“I adore fashion and always try to follow it. I am a shopoholic. I confess, that's my Achilles’ heel.”
Diana, IT specialist, 25

“I always try to wear clothes with taste. I especially want jeans and T-shirts to be of good quality but I never spend hours buying them. I think it is more important that you wear clean and tasteful clothes rather than high-priced Armani or Valentino.”
Gaga, bank employee, 27

“Yeah, I always try to wear clothes which are in fashion in the moment. Sometimes I have to go abroad and then I am really addicted to the shops.”
Keti, architect, 30

“I cannot say I am fashion follower because I prefer to spend my money on books or other more important things than buy one T-shirt for GEL 100.”
Natia, student, 20

“I think that in many respects I am, but not always. I agree with the saying that fashion is what fits you more, though sometimes I see tendencies in fashion that are not practical or usual for everyday life.”
Ana, PR Manager, 35

“I am trying to follow it but it changes so fast, in a blink of an eye there’s a new style coming. It is not very easy to keep up.”
Nino, journalist, 34

“I wear whatever I think fits me, or whatever is comfortable to wear. I think that to blindly follow fashion is stupid. And it also costs money.”
Tsira, student, 21

“Sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t. It depends on how much money I have at a specific point. I do not watch fashion channels all the time, and don’t buy fashion magazines, but I like to walk around the shops to look at new things there.”
Lika, pharmacist, 24

“I do not follow fashion, for me fashion is whatever I like to wear, that’s all.”
Levan, student, 20