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About Karabakh knot

By Messenger Staff
Wednesday, April 15
Political analysts from Karabakh think that Azerbaijan cannot afford to spoil its relations with Turkey.

The prospect of the opening of the Armenian-Turkish border has been very painfully accepted by Azerbaijan, which accuses its ally and neighbour of betraying Azeri interests. As is known, Turkey closed its borders and broke off diplomatic relations with Armenia after it occupied Nagorno Karabakh and six other regions of Azerbaijan. However, Turkey and Armenia are currently working towards a reconciliation, something which raises concern and dissatisfaction in Azerbaijan.

Some analysts fear that the move could put Azerbajanís continued supply of oil and gas to Turkey in question. Nagorno Karabakh-based analyst Norair Ovsepian expresses doubt as to whether Azerbaijan will really implement its threats and cut its oil product supply to Turkey. He says that Azerbaijan would not dare to apply such sanctions against Turkey.

The issue is rather controversial and it is difficult to predict how things will develop. Recently, however, Azerbaijan has quoted certain preconditions for the reopening of the borders, saying it would feel comfortable with that development if these were met.