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Will the opposition achieve their goal?

Wednesday, April 15
“I don't think the opposition will achieve their goal. Saakashvili does not plan to resign, and at the same time the opposition does not seem to have come up with a well thought out plan of action. They will fail."
Tamuna, manager, 31

“No they won’t, but this isn’t their fault. The Government pretends to be indifferent to all that is going on but in fact it isn’t. It controls all the TV broadcasts. The people cannot see what is happening in the main street of Tbilisi. This leaves the opposition without serious support. So I don’t think they are capable of achieving their aim yet.”
Zaza, historian, 53

“I think there is a small chance that Saakashvili will resign, but if the opposition manages to start mass demonstrations in every town in the country, he will go.”
Tea, student, 18

“Yes they will. The people won’t stop as Saakashvili should go, to live like this is already impossible.”
Eka, student, 20

“I doubt that they will. They don’t know whether to start a dialogue or stick with their demands. They seem so confused. I think they should stick to one position.”
Teo, unemployed, 25

“It is not only about the opposition, it is about the people. If they keep going to the rally every day, Saakashvili will have no choice but to resign. But the situation right now is that fewer and fewer people are seen on Rustaveli. If the number of people keeps declining, then the President will be in a better position than the opposition”
Vakho, distributor, 36

“Saakashvili has given no sign of any intention to step down. I do not know why the opposition is so sure that he will resign. Anyway I am not excited by the idea of Saakashvili’s resignation, as it might create bigger chaos in Georgia.”
Nana, interpreter, 29

“It has already been several days but no result has been achieved. I don’t think Saakashvili will resign, it is absolutely unimaginable.”
Gaga, student, 21

“It depends on the peoples’ will. If they don’t stop and continue to struggle Saakashvili will be obliged to resign, but if the number of people reduces and they get tired to going to rallies of course the opposition will never achieve their goal.”
Dimitri, lecturer, 47