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Do you think continuing the rallies for a month will bring any result?

Friday, May 22
“Of course the opposition should continue the protest actions and it is time they used radical means to force the President to resign. I am sure that if they do not stop they will achieve their goal.”
Diana, teacher, 56

“I think that the rallies are damaging to Georgia and their continuance will only increase the Government’s rating and decrease the opposition's rating.”
Zurab, pensioner, 66

“I think they will not be able to achieve their aims, because they do not have enough resources. When they unblocked the way it looked like a withdrawal by the opposition. Continuing the rallies for a month will not bring any result.”
Tea, dentist, 26

“To my mind, the time factor is not important. The opposition have not achieve their goal and will not be able to. Continuing the rallies for a month will not bear any result.”
Konstantine, student, 20

“It has already become funny. Can’t they see that there will be no result from such measures? This won’t go on for a long time. They will stop one day.”
Lana, student, 19

“By demanding Saakashvili's resignation the opposition painted itself into a corner, so at this stage it is impossible for the opposition to withdraw due to the public relations defeat it would sustain if it did. However a further rally will not bring any constructive results.”
Giorgi, bank employee, 28

“I see no point in continuing the rallies for a month. The people are already tired of all this. Today I was late for work because of the blocked streets.”
Eka, accountant, 43

“I don’t know. I think there won’t be any result. Nobody believes that Saakashvili will resign. Why should they go on with their demonstrations then? Other issues can be sorted out during dialogue.”
Manana, teacher, 46

“We have had enough of rallies already, I think it is time to end this somehow. There must be a solution to this situation, and our politicians should be wise enough to find this solution. Otherwise I do not know what these endless rallies will lead to.”
Tamar, economist, 31

“I think the opposition should continue until they get a positive result. I do not believe Saakashvili will resign no matter how long these actions go on, but I believe that at least Parliamentary elections and some other positive changes in the constitution can be achieved if the opposition carries on with the rallies.”
Beso, insurance agent, 29

“These rallies and blockades only spoil our reputation in Europe and the world generally. Holding street rallies and having elections every year is just silly. I want to live in a normal country.”
Lela, accountant, 50