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Do you think we will have another war with Russia this summer?

Monday, June 29
I think it is not in Russias interests to start a war with Georgia. The Kremlin spoiled its reputation with the unjust war last August. Why does it need to start another one? Russia got what it wanted Abkhazia and South Ossetia, what more can it take?
Tatia, lawyer, 30

It is difficult to say, because last year no one could have imagined that such a disastrous war would occur so suddenly. Lets see what is decided at the Obama-Medvedev meeting. The only one who can prevent us being subject to the same aggression is the US President, I think.
Vakhtang, IT specialist, 29

I get quite nervous when I hear the predictions of war. I dont know how high the chances are that a new conflict will begin. Its hard for me to draw any conclusions.
Irina, housewife, 35

I am afraid to say this but I think Russia is planning something again. Its just my intuition that is telling me this, and I hope it wont come true.
Tamar, teacher, 49

I think nothing will happen at all. This is the Government trying to scare Georgians with talk of a new war. Everything will be OK, because Russia has no time and no funds to be at war with any state.
Kakha, doctor, 50

I dont think such a high level of aggression will be repeated this year, last year we had something to lose, today we dont have anything. If they attack us the whole of Georgia will be occupied and we will be under Russian rule, which is unimaginable for Georgians. This means huge bloodshed will follow. I think our friends will help us avoid such aggression from the demons in the Kremlin.
Tsira, housewife, 61

Nothing is excluded, maybe not in South Ossetia but Abkhazia serious provocations will start and we should be ready for another aggression. The only outcome I can see is Saakashvili resigning and Im sure a new President will manage to avoid such conflicts, which could completely destroy our country in a minute.
Sergo, taxi driver, 44

I dont think the Kremlin plans another aggression in Georgia. Let God save us and our country.
Nino, nurse, 31