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Tuesday, July 14
Georgian analysts comment on Russian journalists` statements

Georgian political analysts have been responding to speculations in the Russian media about the danger of another Russian military aggression in Georgia. They have said in general that the meeting between US President Barack Obama and Russian leader Dmitry Medvedev has in fact reduced the possibility of the resumption of war in the Caucasus, but some provocations in the area around the occupied regions cannot be ruled out.

Russian journalist Yulia Latynina had said during the meeting of the US and Russian Presidents the issue of a new war in Georgia was discussed. She said Russia would not take a final decision on the issue, until the Kremlin had calculated the public relations outcome of this war. She also outlined new instances of war preparations and said that Russia had declared that a counter-terrorism regime had existed in the vicinity of Elbrus Mountain close to the Georgian border.
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Mayor’s office sends disabled children to resorts for two weeks

The Tbilisi Mayor’s office has given yet another summer present to disabled children. About 1,300 of these will enjoy summer holidays in Borjomi and Ureki with their parents lasting 13 days.

Tbilisi Mayor Gigi Ugulava saw off the third busload of children today. This municipal programme will continue until September. The Mayor’s office plans to increase the number of resorts offered next year.
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Prince Claus Fund sponsors restoration of Nikozi Monastery

The Prince Claus Fund has allocated funds for the restoration of the Nikozi Monastery Complex, which was destroyed by fire during the Georgia-Russia war last August. This will be carried out by the International Centre of Arts. The Georgian Agency of Cultural Heritage has already prepared a restoration project.
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Money counterfeiters arrested

The Investigation Department of the Ministry of Incomes has arrested two persons suspected of producing counterfeit banknotes. Nikoloz Parkauli and Torghva Khangoshvili, the latter of whom has previously been convicted of robbery, were allegedly planning to distribute 25,000 forged US dollars in Tbilisi.

The police discovered 250,000 counterfeit dollars during the investigation. The detainees may face from seven to ten years in prison.
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Labour Party objects to privatisation of forests

The Georgian Labour Party rallied outside the Ministry of Economic Development yesterday to protest against the auctioning of the license for the long-term management of forests in Racha-Lechkhumi.

The auction did not take place yesterday due to an absence of bidders, but the opposition party says the money paid for the license will be spent to further the personal interests of members of the authorities.

The Labour Party says that the policy of the Government is to sell off strategic assets and this is unacceptable for Georgia.
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Kakha Kaladze declared the most stylish and popular man in Georgia

A June 6-9 Kviris Palitra poll asked readers to identify the most stylish and popular man in Georgia. 532 respondents rated various figures from 9 to 1. Their average scores were:

1. Kakha Kaladze 7.06
2. Irakli Alasania 6.47
3. David Gamkrelidze 5.49
4. Mamuka Khazaradze 4.95
5. David Maghradze 4.63
6. Duta Skhirtladze 4.39
7. Gigi Ugulava 4.32
8. Mikheil Saakashvili 4.32
9. Merab Sepashvili 3.53