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How important do you think the NABUCCO project is for Georgia?

Tuesday, July 14
“Of course the NABUCCO project is important for Georgia because it will stress once again the importance of Georgia for the modern word. Georgia is a transit country and this is very profitable for us.”
Gela, policeman, 30

“The NABUCCO project is like the basis of the prosperity of our country and its economy. In addition, the project will give us closer relations with other countries.”
Tea, translator, 27

“Involvement in international projects is obviously positive for any country. The NABUCCO project, I think, will be a kind of guarantee that our economic situation will improve and the country will prosper.”
Nani, teacher, 50

“I don’t know much about the project, but I think it will make Russia more angry than it is now. As far as I know the NABUCCO project is aimed at making Europe less dependent on Russian energy supplies.”
Tsira, student, 22

“This project will help Georgia become more independent and I have heard from Georgian politicians that it will help Georgia become part of Europe. I think this is great.”
Giorgi, IT, 35

“I don’t think we have anything to celebrate yet. We have to wait and see when and how the project will continue. If this project is fulfilled and Georgia is part of it, then of course it will mean a lot. “
Gia, engineer, 44

“It is a long term project which will not be done in one or two years. In a long term prospect, I think it will only be beneficial for Georgia.”
Oto, lawyer, 30

“It is very difficult to judge what the real consequences will be, but right now it seems a very promising project which will enable us and also the whole of Europe to be less dependent on Russia. At last Russia will have to stop pressuring European countries by threatening to suspend energy supplies to them.”
Shota, journalist, 34