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Tuesday, August 25
Grigol Vashadze is in Estonia

Foreign Minister of Georgia Grigol Vashadze is in Estonia reported Deputy Foreign Minister Aleksandre Nalbandov at a briefing yesterday.

‘The Minister will meet with representatives of high ranking officials, the President and Foreign Minister among them’, - Nalbandov stated.

He also announced that a Georgian delegation headed by deputy foreign minister Davit Jalaghonia is in Brussels for the third round of talks on a simplified visa regime with the EU to be held in Brussels.

Aleksandre Nalbandov also talked about a recent visit by the Commandant of the US Marine Corps, General James T. Conway to Georgia.

He noted that Conway met Foreign Minister Grigol Vashadze. They discussed Georgian participation in the NATO mission in Afghanistan.

The Deputy Minister explained that Georgia ceased being a CIS member on August 18, 2009, though it remains a signatory on 75 international treaties.

Nalbandov declined to comment on the resettling of Guantanamo detainees in Georgia.

‘I don’t have such information and can’t confirm anything. I can not comment on information spread only by the press’, the Deputy Minister stated. (Interpressnews)

asha Zhvania Not to Return to Diplomacy

Former Minister of Economic Development Lasha Zhvnaia doesn’t intend to return to diplomacy. Zhvania commented in an interview with InterpressNews.

Zhvania says that he was offered the position of ambassador to India but he refused.

‘Grigol Vashadze spoke to me 20 minutes before my briefing on August 21. He told me to return to diplomacy and asked me to be ambassador to India, but I refused. I don’t intend to return to diplomacy’, - Lasha Zhvania stated.

Zhvania has no information about the rumored appointment of Zurab Pololikashvili – Georgian ambassador to Spain – as Minister of Economic Development. Though he states that he is acquainted with Pololikashvili and described him in positive terms.

Lasha Zhvania left the post of Minister of Economic Development on August 21 by request of Prime Minister. Nika Gilauri who was dissatisfied with his work. Lasha Zhvania had previously worked as ambassador to Israel. (Interpressnews)

Zurab Pololikashvili may become new minister of economics

The Georgian Prime Minister may nominate Zurab Pololikashvili, the Ambassador of Georgia to Spain as the candidate of the post of economic development minister. Rustavi 2 has been informed that the new minister may be presented in a few days.

Pololikashvili has been working as the Ambassador in the Kingdom of Spain since 2006, but prior to that he was the deputy minister of foreign affairs. Before beginning his diplomatic activities, he worked at TBC Bank in various positions.

Zurab Pololikashvili speaks several languages. He has a wife and two children. (Rustavi 2)

Police arrest two suspected of injuring two people

The officers of Criminal Police Department along with the employees of Imereti, Racha-Lechkhumi and Kvemo Svaneti Regional Police Main Division of the Ministry of Interior, having conducted operative-investigative activities and have detained Giorgi Pirtskheliani (DoB 1990) who during an argument opened fire and caused severe injuries to Akaki Devidze and Teimuraz Meparishvili on Youth Square, Kutaisi. An uncle of Giorgi Pirtskhveliani, Tariel Nakani, who was illegally keeping dangerous weapons, has also been detained.

Investigation of the case is being conducted by the officers of Imereti, Racha-Lechkhumi and Kvemo Svaneti Regional Police Main Division of the Ministry of Interior in accordance with articles 19-109 and 236 of the Criminal Code of Georgia. (Rustavi 2)

Almost 5 Years After Buta Robakidze’s Murder Parents Demand to be Recognized as Aggrieved

Buta Robakidze who was killed in 2004 would be 24 today. His father Soso Robakidze stated at a press conference that he demands to be recognized as aggrieved and accused those involved in the investigation of falsification of the case taking place in Tbilisi public prosecutor’s office.

He also demands that the investigators make public all actions of the law enforcers regarding the murder case.

Robakidze says that none of the policemen are punished yet and relatives of the murdered man are not even called aggrieved.

One of the leaders of the ‘Conservatives Party’ Lasha Chkhartishvili attended the press conference. He stated that the murderers and their patrons are not punished.

‘Convicted of the murder of Buta Robakidze, Grigol Bashaleishvili was sentenced to 4 years, which is not an adequate punishment. What about people linked with the murder: Guram Donadze and Zurab Mikadze, investigators have not even questioned them’, - Chkhartishvili stated.

Leader of ‘Freedom Party’ Konstantine Gamsakhurdia called on the government during the press conference to investigate the case and punish the murderers.

‘This crime must be investigated, otherwise statehood is degraded. Truth is of the utmost importance to the relatives of the victim’, - Konstantine Gamsakhurdia stated.

Buta Robakidze was killed by Didube Church on November 23, 2004. (Interpressnews)

Labor Party objects to increased fee of marriage registration

The Labor Party of Georgia has objected to the increase in the marriage registration fee. Ioseb Shatberashvili, the Secretary General of the party held a briefing in this regard today and accused the government of `robbing its citizens and creating demographic problems` in the country. Shatberashvili said the registration fee on weekends has increased from 120 to 159 GEL.

`Instead of encouraging youth to get married and improving the demographic situation in the country, the Georgian government has committed yet another terrible act by increasing the marriage registration fee, - Shatberashvili said. (Rustavi 2)