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Why do you think minister of economy Lasha Zhvania was discharge in such a manner?

Tuesday, August 25
“I think that Lasha Zhvania and Nika Gilauri had some confrontation which was the main reason for his discharge.”
Nana, teacher, 38

“I don’t think it was a wrong manner how Zhvania was discharged. I liked Gilauri’s statement on his briefing when he explained quite concretely why Zhvania should leave his post and it was quite understandable. Also, he made remarks to other ministers and this was very good from him because our country’s prosperity is depending on them, if someone fails to do it he or she should be dismissed. I don’t see anything wrong in it.”
Keti, student, 21

“I suppose that Mikheil Saakashvili is planning a new Government reshuffle and Lasha Zhvania is one of the Ministers with whom he has started changes. Some other Ministers will be discharged as well.”
Gia, analyst, 45

“What kind of manner do you mean? Maybe Zhvania did not like this manner that he was discharged quite unexpectedly but not only him but whole ministers cabinet should be dismissed including the PM. No one does his job properly and it affects our country’s condition very seriously.”
Manana, housewife, 59

“As I have heard the Economy Ministry has some problems, Lasha Zhvania could not properly complete his responsibility that is why he was discharged.”
Nodar, pensioner, 65

“I consider that he did not have good relationship with other ministers, especially with Prime Minister Gilauri. On the other hand, Zhvania and Alasania have ties of relationship. I think that these two reasons are quite enough.”
Eka, student, 21

“Zhvania is one of the most intellectual and smart politicians, I don’t know how he was in the ministry but I don’t think he did not make good conditions for the foreign investors as Zhvania was one of the ambassadors who attracted many investments in Georgia while he was ambassador to Israel. Saakashvili should appoint him on one of the high position otherwise the government will lose another good politician.”
Levan, mathematician, 29

“I think the major reason of his dismissal is personal confrontation with Gilauri. But whatever reason Gilauri had, he should not discharge him in such impolite way, when Zhvania did know anything and even stopped his visit in one of the regions of Georgia.”
Lela, babysitter, 38

“I did not expect such brave and open critical statements towards ministers from Gilauri. As it seems he really has a ‘full autonomy’ as Saakashvili says and he decides who will stay and who will leave. That’s very good. I really cannot make assessment on Zhvania’s activity but no one is dismissed without serious reasons.”
Rezo, student, 23