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NABUCCO construction to start in 2011

By Messenger Staff
Monday, September 14
The construction of the NABUCCO pipeline will start in 2011. The section from Central Asia to Ankara will be the first constructed and after 2016 the pipeline will be extended to EU countries. The NABUCCO projectís Press Secretary Christian Dolezhal announced this at the 19th economic forum in the Polish town of Krynica.

Dolezhal stated that the issue of obtaining sufficient supply is still on the agenda, though he suggested that Turkmenistan and Iraqi natural gas will be enough to satisfy Turkish and European demand and thus secure Europeís gas independence from Russia.

At the Krynica forum Azeri Deputy Industry Minister Giulmamed Javadov stated that Azerbaijan has always actively participated in and will continue to participate in all European projects which imply an alternative supply of natural gas in Europe. He also expressed Azerbaijanís commitment to assist the EU in diversifying natural gas supplies. So far Azerbaijan has participated in all stages of the NABUCCO project and is ready to continue doing so.