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Do you think that the Government is making enough efforts to buy grapes to ensure that Georgian farmers do not have an unsold harvest?

Monday, September 14
“To my mind this year is a year of progress in this field, as unlike in previous years I have not really noticed any dissatisfaction from the farmers, and if they are content that means the Government has really improved its policy in this field.”
Tamta, student, 24

“I don’t know exactly what the Government is doing this year, but I know that last year was not so good for Kakheti farmers. I heard many of them complaining that the wine factories wanted grapes for very low prices.”
Gizo, driver, 40

“The President has promised to assist the farmers. I hope he will keep his promise. Kakheti has been damaged by storms and hail, so these people really need to be treated with special care this year.”
Guli, pensioner, 65

“I think the authorities should not interfere in the work of farmers or winemakers. It is a free market and the Government should not regulate it artificially.”
Soso, lawyer, 26

“Of course not. Georgian farmers are working very hard the whole year and spend a lot of money getting the harvest in and the prices the Government offers them are too low, so they are forced to make wine at home and not sell the grapes.”
Maka, manager, 31

“Unfortunately I have no idea what the Government is planning this year. But compared with last year I do not think the authorities’ offers are any better.”
Megi, translator, 25

“To my mind the Government is not obliged to regulate this process. The Government helps Georgian farmers regardless so they should be pleased.”
Nana, teacher, 40

“I’m not sure it is, because I often hear complains from farmers that they can’t sell their harvest. I think more should be done to increase the production of Georgian wine and advertise it abroad, then our farmers will have no problems selling their products.”
Guram, NGO worker, 34