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Do you agree with the Georgian Patriarchate’s call not to participate in Halloween celebrations?

Wednesday, October 28
“I have never participated in them, but after the Patriarchate’s statement I have become interested in doing so. I think I might find some interesting costume this year and enjoy the evening. I don’t see anything evil in this.”
Lasha, student, 20

“I agree with the Patriarch. I don’t see any sense in this tradition and moreover I don’t see any need to copy it in Georgia.”
Tako, interpreter, 27

“I think it is up to every person to decide whether he wants to celebrate Halloween or not. I prefer to take part in traditional Georgian celebrations, however if someone enjoys Halloween I don’t see any problem in this. We are living in the 21st century free world.”
Zura, history specialist, 30

“No, it is just an American holiday with fun, I do not see anything wrong with it.”
rma, student, 20

“I agree with the Patriarch. Personally, I do not like this holiday, when I watch it on TV I have the feeling that this holiday is connected with evil spirits, pre-Christian traditions. There is nothing good in participating in it.”
Gia, pensioner, 56

“I myself will not participate in it, as the Patriarch has advised us not to take part in it and his word is very precious for me.”
Tea, musician, 29

“I consider that there is nothing dangerous for our souls if we attend these kinds of celebrations. We are young people and we are interested in other countries’ cultures. There are foreigners who arrive in our country and participate in different celebrations. I cannot understand what is harmful or unacceptable in it.”
Temur, student, 19

“I agree with Ilia II. There are people in Georgia who are trying to bring into our country foreign holidays and attitudes, which may ruin our own traditions.”
Nika, painter, 34

“I do agree, because it is not a Christian celebration. Lots of evil heroes can be seen in it and this affects negatively on youth. They try to become like them in reality.”
Nino, marketing manager, 37