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Poverty in Georgia

By Messenger Staff
Monday, November 16
Cynically enough, the Russian media is presently covering issues vital for Georgia to give Moscow the opportunity to express its hypocritical emotions. As part of this process Izvestia has published the results of polling carried out by two Estonian NGOs in Georgia, which present a very unflattering picture of this country in an attempt to suggest that it is inferior to Russia.

Nevertheless, the results of this poll are interesting. 200 people in Georgia were asked how far their income stretched. 37% stated that their income hardly covered their food needs. 34% admitted that they are not starving but cannot afford to buy new clothes, 24% can afford to buy clothes as well but only 4% can afford to buy items for long term usage and only 1% can afford to buy a flat or dacha.

75% of respondents admitted that in 2009 they did not work at all or worked temporarily, only 7% of those asked considered the socio-economic situation in the country as high, 32% assessed it as average, and 51% as low.