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What is the most important problem in Georgia at this stage of its history?

Wednesday, December 2
“There are lots of acute problems in Georgia, however the territorial integrity issue is the most important and most difficult issue to resolve. Let’s hope that one happy day this problem will be sorted out in our favour.”
Neli, accountant, 41

“I think drugs are a very big problem for Georgian people and particularly the young. The number of drug addicts in Georgia who are not registered and just do not admit they are ill is huge. Not only in Tbilisi but in small villages people can easily find marijuana planted in gardens.”
Maka, student, 22

"Unemployment is the most important problem in our country. The Government should do more to defeat it. People are poor but they talk about economic development.”
Tamara, housekeeper, 58

“Territorial unity is the biggest problem for Georgians I think. A country with so many IDPs and refugees cannot achieve the success before the territorial unity problems are resolved.”
Maia, accountant, 37

“Lack of justice is the biggest problem in Georgia. The people don’t trust the courts and the politicians. What can be worse?”
Giorgi, builder, 47

“I guess, being independent. The most important issue is the occupied territories and I think that we have lost them forever, unfortunately .But we will hope that someday we can walk on our occupied territories calmly and there will be peace.”
Ann, mathematician, 36

“The most important problem for Georgia at present is the lost territories and the war with Russia, which everyone says has ended but is still continuing. I am afraid, because I do not know what will happen in future. No Georgians expected what happened last August and no one thought that it would really happen. So the most important thing is to regain our territories and have a dialogue with Russia.”
Sani, lawyer, 28

“There are many problems, and all are important, so it is difficult to say that just one is the most important problem. But in my opinion the most important problem is the current Government, which must be changed, because all the other problems result from this Government. Of course I cannot say that the next Government will be ideal or at the very least fair, but changes are always for the better. Let’s hope that someday everything in Georgia will be well."
Dali, economist, 56

“The most important and deplorable fact is the occupied Georgian territories. Unfortunately I have lost any hope that someday we will regain them and people can return to their homes. The IDPs really trust in this and hope it will happen in the near future. But I do not think so, because Russia will not give them back to Georgia, I am sure of this. But we know that hope is the last thing to die."
Elene, housewife, 45