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Thursday, December 3
Georgia sends letter to ICAO President

The Georgian Government has sent a letter to the International Civil Aviation Organisation regarding the violation of its airspace. Tbilisi is calling on ICAO to take strict measure in regard to Russia's plans to schedule flights to Abkhazia and hopes that Russia will not ignore the relevant conventions in such a way.

Deputy Economic Development Minister and Chair of the Air Navigation Supervisory Council Giorgi Karbelashvili delivered a speech yesterday at the 51st meeting of the European Air Navigation Planning Group held under aegis of ICAO. Karbelashvili said thast the Russian aviation authority was ignoring norms of international law and called on the meeting participants to take measures.

Karsten Theil, ICAO Regional Director in Paris, noted that Georgian aviation had made a vast contribution to the world aviation network and that they were hearing significant information from the Georgian side now. He said that ICAO always listens to its members and tries to help them all it can.

Karbelashvili has said that the Georgian side categorically demanded action on this issue at the meeting. "We must demand categorical decisions from ICAO and other international organisations," he said. (Interpressnews)

NATO thanks Georgia and Ukraine for cooperation

NATO calls upon international society to respect Georgia's territorial integrity and sovereignty, Anders Fogh Rasmussen, NATO Secretary General, announced at the news conference held in Brussels yesterday.

Rasmussen reiterated that the decision of the NATO Bucharest summit was still in force and that Georgia and Ukraine would become the members of the Alliance when they met the required standards. "The commitment made in Bucharest to both countries still stands. They will become NATO members when they meet NATO standards. We will be discussing their progress in undertaking reforms, which NATO will continue to support. We also thank both countries for what they are contributing to our operations and missions," Rasmussen said. (Rustavi 2)

Tax inspectors arrested for bribery

The investigation department of the Ministry of Finance has arrested two inspectors of the Gori and Shida Kartli Tax Inspection. Giorgi Gegelashvili and Zaza Lazarishvili are suspected of taking bribes. Reportedly, they extorted 10,000 GEL from an entrepreneur, in return for ensuring he paid 4,000 GEL to the state budget instead of 30,000 GEL.

A preliminary investigation is in progress. The suspects may face 7-11 year sentences if found guilty. (Rustavi 2)

Doctor arrested for murder caused by negligence

A doctor has been arrested after a story appeared on a Rustavi 2 TV news programme a few days ago. Nino Jobava, who operated on Ana Sidiani and took her tonsils out, cut the veins to the patient during the operation. The patient, who was 29 years old, died after losing two litres of blood after the operation because the doctor was insufficiently competent, it is reported.

Nino Jobava was arrested by the Shida Kartli District Prosecutor's Office charged with causing murder by negligence. (Rustavi 2)

Georgians from Fereydan arrive in Tbilisi

A delegation of twenty Georgian emigrants from Fereydan, Iran has visited Georgia. The emigrant Georgians were hosted by the Minister for the Diaspora, Iulon Gagoshidze, yesterday.

This is the first visit to their historic homeland for eighteen members of the delegation. The Georgian emigrants will tour the country and view the historic sights in various regions of the country. They will also visit the National Centre of Manuscripts and its Director, Buba Kudava, will host them. The delegation has already visited Adjara (Rustavi 2)

Labour Party demonstration

Members of the Georgian Labour Party protested by the Ilia Chavchavadze monument at the 1st classical school in Tbilisi yesterday, objecting to the dismantling and removal of a similar monument in front of the Batumi Theatre. The protestors said that the municipal Government was planning to move the monument behind the theatre and build a new fountain where it stands now.

The Labour Party has collected the signatures of six thousand Batumi residents who want the monument to stay where it is. (Rustavi 2)