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Is it necessary to hold a primary to select a joint opposition candidate for Tbilisi Mayor?

Friday, December 18
“I think it is a good idea to nominate a joint candidate of the opposition, because only in this way will they be able to compete with Ugulava. They should also consolidate their financial resources, because the ruling party candidate can win by spending a lot of money on their campaign.”
Kristina, interpreter, 26

“The opposition has no will and no ability to name a joint candidate. They all want the Mayor’s position; they have ambitions but not resources or credibility. I don’t think spending money on primaries is a wise decision.”
Tina, teacher, 51

“Are there any guarantees that the opposition will not rig the primaries? I am very sceptical about any elections and any kind of primaries and referendums in this country.”
Andro, unemployed, 45

“Well unfortunately I am not at all competent in politics but as far as I know primary elections serve as a guideline for making it clear whom people support. I don’t see anything wrong in this.”
Tamuna, teacher, 29

“I have no specific answer to this question. I keep well away from politics. I can’t even tell you what a primary means and why it is used. So I don’t think my view will somehow serve as an opinion.”
Niko, student, 18

“I think it is very important to select a joint opposition candidate for the ocal elections because nothing can be done separately. The opposition should finally realise the need for unity. That’s why I am all for the primary.”
Guliko, economist, 58

"In my opinion it is the right decision. If the opposition have a joint candidate for Tbilisi Mayor they will be more successful."
Guram, writer, 32

"I think this is very necessary for the opposition, as the candidate who wins the primary, will have a chance to defeat the incumbent easily. It also means that Georgia is utilising developed countries' experience in this direction."
Tamar, musician, 28

"It makes no difference whether the opposition holds primary elections or not. At the present moment Gigi Ugulava is the most likely to win."
Gia, worker, 36

"This is a most difficult question, because I am not very good at politics and I do not think that my opinion might be important. So I will not comment, time will show us what is good and what is not so good."
Giorgi, engineer, 52