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Monday, December 21
Special needs home opening in Gremi

U.S. Ambassador John Bass has attended the opening ceremony of the Temi Special Needs Home in Gremi, Kakheti region. Construction of the home has been funded by the United States Government. This is a project of the U.S. Department of Defense Office of Defense Cooperation, managed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

The Temi Special Needs Home welcomes residents of all ages and capacities including children and adults with special needs, children without families and elderly people. Currently it has 84 residents. The new facility serves as both a home and a school.

Construction of the Temi Special Needs Home embodies The Us Goivernment's continued commitment to improving the lives of the most vulnerable groups in any society, children and those with special needs. It also represents the partnership and friendship between the United States and the people of Georgia. Total funding for the project provided by the United States Government was $309,223.
(US Embassy)

Patriarch preaches sermon on sense of gratitude

Catholicos-Patriarch of All Georgia Ilia II talked about importance of the sense of gratitude in his Sunday sermon, saying that there is a lack of this among people, although we should all be grateful to God for everything.

"This is one of the greatest senses. We should be grateful to God for the kindness, love and grace he gives us," Ilia II stated.

The Patriarch also preached about St Ambrose and his merits. The Orthodox Church celebrated the Feast of St Ambrose yesterday.

The parish of the University Church of Sts. Cyriacus and Julitta presented an icon to the Patriarch to mark the 32nd anniversary of his enthronement. The icon was taken from the Metekhi Bridge to the Holy Trinity Cathedral in procession.

Ilia II was elected Patriarch of All Georgia on 23 December 1977. He was enthroned on 25 December of the same year.

NATO demands that Russia respects Georgia's territorial integrity

NATO demands that Russia respects Georgia's territorial integrity and sovereignty, Anders Fogh Rasmussen has said in an interview with the Rossiya TV station. The Secretary General of the alliance said that despite disagreement in some areas the alliance and Russia should cooperate in security issues, but Georgia remains the main issue of disagreement between NATO and Russia.

After the Secretary General's interview the official representative of Russia to NATO Dmitry Rogozin was invited onto the same programme. Rogozin said that at this stage Georgia is far from integration into the alliance.
(Rustavi 2)

Russian occupiers assault local families in Gali district

Another assault on civilans by Russian occupiers has occurred in the village of Nabakevi, in the Gali district in occupied Abkhazia. The aggressors assaulted a microbus. Three men were abducted and the occupiers demand a ransom for them. They also refused to allow a child infected with H1N1 flu to get on a bus to Zugdidi in Georgian-controlled territory.

Prior to this the Russian occupiers robbed eleven Georgian families simultaneously in the village of Tchuburkhinji, Gali district. The aggressors brutally beat members of the Kiria, Izoria and Zhvania families. They robbed their homes and seized food, domestic appliances and money.
(Rustavi 2)

Georgian Academy gives terms to Government

The Georgian Academy public organisation has prepared an address to the public, which was read by some of its members in Tbilisi on Saturday. The document says that if a democratic environment is not created and the 50 percent barrier for elections not instituted, the Georgian Academy will advise the opposition to refrain from participating in the forthcoming local elections.

The Georgian Academy also made its own demands of the Government and gave it until January 29, 2010 to change the Election Code.
(Rustavi 2)

Expert expect reduction of H1N1 cases in Georgia

800 cases of H1N1flu virus infection have been proved through tests in Georgia so far. Representatives of the National Disease Centre say however that the epidemic has peaked and experts expect a reduction in infections.

120 patients are receiving treatment at the Infectious Diseases Hospital in Tbilisi. Nine of them are in the resuscitation department. The condition of two of them is critical for now.

The number of patients infected by the H1N1 virus has decreased at the Iashvili Clinic. None of the cases of infection is serious.
(Rustavi 2)

Conservatives accuse Civil Registry of issuing fraudulent IDs

The Conservative Party has made another accusation against the Civil Registry on the threshold of the elections. Party member Kakha Kukava said on Friday that fraudulent identification cards were being issued in the capital. In particular, people living in adjacent villages are being registered as living in Tbilisi.

The Conservatives have demanded explanations from the Civil Registry and appealed to international organisations for help. Representatives of the Civil Registry have called the accusations absurd and promise to provide exhaustive information if required.
(Rustavi 2)