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Do you think public officials should be sacked if people die in an accident in the place they run?

Thursday, December 24
"I think yes. When somebody is appointed to a post they should realise the responsibility they hold and be extremely attentive to issues connected with the area they run, especially when the matter involves the lives of the citizens."
Tea, housewife, 31

"When a public official does his duty properly he should not be sacked because of one incident I suppose, especially when the case has not been fully investigated and there are questions to be answered."
Gia, physiologist, 41

"If all officials are to be sacked whenever there is an accident on their territory, first of all our President should be sacked. This is not the right attitude of course, as an official can’t control everything that happens in their district."
Nino, economist, 29

“I think the people guilty of causing such accidents should be sacked, not Governors or some other loosely connected people."
Tatia, interpreter, 25

“It depends: if the public official is not guilty of anything, why should he be sacked? Decisions should not be taken on an emotional basis I think.”
Dato, distributor, 36

“I don’t agree with the President’s latest decision to fire the Imereti Governor for the accident which happened in Kutaisi. I think Chogovadze had nothing to do with that awful event.”
Maia, teacher, 46

“Of course they should be sacked. Public officials are there to care about the people and set them an example.”
Nino, teacher, 29

“When the matter concerns someone's life, every person, regardless of status, should be treated equally.”
Mamuka, doctor, 45

“Every person’s life should be treated with care and attention. If you kill someone you should not only be sacked but imprisoned for it. We should live in a healthy society which doesn’t treat people well or badly on the basis of sex, age or status.”
Natalia, scientist, 34

“I wonder if anyone thinks about unfamiliar public figures in their district when something goes on there which concerns our lives? A person who has made a mistake is surely responsible for putting things right. When we are talk about people's lives no status should save us.”
Akaki, student, 19