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ISET runs one week programme on teaching economics

By Messenger Staff
Tuesday, January 26
On January 24, 2010 Professors from 16 different universities in Armenia, Azerbaijan, the Czech Republic, Georgia, Hungary, Russia and the Ukraine left for Bakuriani to undertake a one-week training programme entitled "The Pedagogical Challenges of Teaching Modern Microeconomics".

This programme is being run by ISET the International School of Economics - with funding from the Open Society Institute Higher Education Support Programme (HESP). It is a part of a three-year professional training and development programme on The Art of Economic Decision-Making.

Masterclasses will be delivered by visiting Professors from Pace University (Westchester, New York City) and Bloomfield College, USA. The majority of the programme participants are Professors/instructors of Economics and Statistics from 7 different countries. Participants will have the opportunity to attend masterclasses, take part in discussions, prepare individual and group presentations and receive assessments from the instructors. The workshop is a perfect opportunity to share experience and compare teaching practices and methods.

In addition, the Bakuriani workshop gives participants the opportunity to examine teaching skills and tricks, classroom experiments and active learning methods and discuss general teaching issues with an emphasis on the gaps, challenges, and constraints involved in teaching modern microeconomics.

In July 2009 ISET conducted an analogous summer session that proved to be successful and interesting for the participants. This winter session is designed to strengthen ties between colleagues and support future collaboration between the countries and participant universities.