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Compiled by Londa Mindiashvili
Tuesday, January 26
Zurab Noghaideli – I am doing what the Georgian people want by going to Russia

“The main purpose of our visit is to sign an agreement t between Edinaia Rossia and the Movement for Fair Georgia. Consequently members of our movement will come with us. We will continue talking about all the issues which have not been resolved yet,” leader of the Movement for Fair Georgia Zurab Noghaideli says in an interview with Rezonansi.

“It will be better if the air routes are opened and flights are conducted regularly again. Regaining access to the Russian market is also essential for Georgian businessmen and farmers. There is another important issue; we want citizens of Georgia who now live in Russia to be registered. We must know how many of these there are to prevent someone stealing votes. We estimate their number is half a million and this number is significant in electoral terms. Our party does the same job in Tbilisi, our representatives go from house to house and compile an accurate voters list. We will do the same with the Georgian Diaspora in Ukraine, Europe and first of all in Spain and also in Greece where there are many Georgians,” said Noghaideli.

“The Georgian people have expressed a positive opinion about our visits to Russia through their active support. People come and join our movement voluntarily, but to begin with our activists go from house to house and identify our supporters. 50-100 people come and join our movement daily.

"I am following Georgian society’s order when I try to improve and renew the relationship with Russia. This is the public's order and Saakashvili knows this very well. I have conducted my visits to Russia successfully, and that is the reason for Saakashvili’s hysterics,” added Noghaideli.

Conservatives demand an investigation

Kviris Palitra reports that the Conservative Party of Georgia is demanding that an investigation of former Ministers of Education Kakha Lomaia, Gia Nodia and Nika Gvaramia be held and a lawsuit filed against them.

Conservative leader Zviad Dzidziguri has said that the Government and President Saakashvili have both said that the 2004-2009 education reform project, which cost 2 billion GEL, has not worked. Lomaia, Nodia and Gvaramia directed this project and must therefore take responsibility for this, Dzidziguri said. The Chamber of Control has said that Lomaia has been unable to show relevant documentation to cover 40 million GEL of expenditure.

“We do not think that this investigation will be held, however, they will be punished after the present Government is changed,” said Zviad Dzidziguri.

Gia Gachechiladze: The march to Holy Trinity Cathedral on May 26 was a mistake

“We should look deeper into ourselves and find out how we can hold so much envy in us. In my mind, envy is an expression of a lack of talent?!" Gia Gachechiladze(popular singer and poet Utsnobi)has stated in an interview with Kviris Palitra.

"I have thought much about the people’s march to Holy Trinity Cathedral.( on May 26).. It was a big mistake. I told His Holiness this but he calmed me – "there have been a few right mistakes in Georgia." I have no idea whether he meant April 9 or subsequent events. But I know I will never make such a mistake again and will be more careful with the Catholicos-Patriarch. I do not wish to put him in an awkward situation.

"In fact, Nana Kakabadze had informed me that the Catholicos-Patriarch was intending to visit the National Stadium. Then this visit was disrupted ‘for certain reasons’ so we made our way to the Patriarch. Perhaps it would have been better for Nana not to have called me at all.

"After this I needed to look deeper inside myself to recover my powers. I walked to Mount Sinai, and this did the trick," Gachechiladze continued.

"I do not intend to continue the battle by holding perpetual meetings. We have already done that. I think the people have done their best under the terms laid out in the Constitution. People chose not to take the way of confrontation and bloodshed but were treated cynically in return.

"But everything will change in the near future. People will not keep their patience any longer. As for me, I am looking forward not to the elections but the legitimacy of what comes afterwards. The Government has already gained victory in the elections. Elections might mean the opposition gets 2 or 5 seats on the City Council but this may end the 6 years’ nightmare," Gia Gachechiladze added.

"I shall fight for my ideals via television and radio. But I do not know anything yet... I have many plans. In my mind, something will happen soon which will affect the ongoing processes," Gachechiladze concluded.