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Georgia’s agricultural exports increased in 2009

By Messenger Staff
Wednesday, February 3
The export of Georgian agricultural products increased about 25.4% in 2009 compared with the previous year. The most common export was hazelnuts, which accounted for 24.3% of total agricultural exports, followed by alcoholic drinks with 14.3%, natural grape wines with 10.9%, oil cake and flour with 9.5%, sparkling and mineral waters with 8.6%, sheep with 6.1%, cattle with 5.9% and soft drinks with 3.7%.

In the same period imports decreased by 19%. The most popular import was wheat, which accounted for 14% of al imports, followed by tobacco with 10.1%, raw sugar with 6.8%, chocolate with 5.6%, poultry with 5%, vegetable oil with 3.9% and fish with 3.5%.