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Thursday, February 11
Georgia becomes IBE Vice-President country

For the first time in its history Georgia has been elected Vice President of the International Bureau of Education, at its 59th session in Geneva on January 27. Norway was elected President country.

The International Bureau of Education works in the area of curriculum development. It has 28 member countries and promotes exchange of experience and knowledge among them.

From now on Georgian experts will have an opportunity to actively cooperate with American, Swiss and Swedish experts and their colleagues from other countries on developing national learning programmes. Education Minister Dimitri Shashkin said that “holding this position is a great responsibility and honour. It is an acknowledgement of the successful implementation of the ongoing educational reforms at the Ministry of Education and Science on UNESCO’s part”. (Caucasus Press)

Georgia approves 2010 ANP

The State Commission on Coordination of Georgia’s NATO Integration held a session at the State Chancellery of the Government of Georgia yesterday, chaired by Vice Prime Minister Giorgi Baramidze. The session approved the 2010 ANP (Annual National Programme) which outlines reforms to be undertaken in the fields of democracy development, defence and security, strengthening the economy, education and science, environmental protection, information security and other areas.

The Georgian delegation presented the 2010 Annual National Programme for initial review at the NATO-Georgia Commission session in January this year at NATO headquarters. It was assessed positively and some comments and recommendations were made. After incorporating these, further amendments were introduced. The version agreed yesterday will be presented to the North Atlantic Council through the NATO-Georgia Commission by Giorgi Baramidze in March. (Caucasus Press)

Samtatskaro residents ask for protection from wolves

Residents of Samtatskaro, in the Dedoplistskaro district of Kakheti, have asked for protection from wolves. The Kakheti Information Centre reports that wolves have killed several cows and horses in the village. Local residents are afraid to go out day or night as there are hungry wolves and jackals in the streets.

The Ministry of Environment Protection and Natural Resources says that when wolves pose a threat to people and domestic animals local residents have the right to kill them. Ministry officials said that experts should assess the situation and if they decide that the wolves indeed pose this threat the Ministry will issue permission to kill several wolves.

Wolves attacked several people in Pirosmani in the same district several months ago. A 26-year-old man was killed by wolves in Sighnaghi region recently. (Caucasus Press)

People suspected of assisting illegal immigrants detained

Employees of the Adjara Regional Main Division of the Ministry of Interior have detained Georgian citizens Roland Beridze (born 1970), Roman Kakabadze (born 1971), Murad Beridze (born 1971) and Pridon Veliadze (born 1962) on charges of helping illegal immigrants cross the Georgian state border. Their activities allegedly caused the death of two immigrants.

On February 8 the abovementioned detainees helped a group of immigrants to cross the state border and received 640 USD and 180 GEL for doing this. The group of six Nigerians seeking to avoid Georgian border controls decided to cross the Georgian-Turkish state border illegally on the bypass road leading to Ghoma Mountain. Due to severe climatic conditions and snowfall the group was forced to return to the village of Tsablana and on their way back two members of the group died.

Four Nigerian citizens have been detained under Article 344 part II subparagraph ‘A’ of the Criminal Code. An investigation has also been launched into the crime committed by Georgian citizens under Article 19-344 of the Criminal Code. (Interpressnews)

200 students object to policy of pro-Russian politicians

Over two hundred Georgian students chose the cemetery of Georgian soldiers who died in the Georgia-Russia war in August 2008 to protest against the policy of Zurab Noghaideli. The ex-Georgian PM, leader of the Movement for Fair Georgia, signed a cooperation agreement with the Russian ruling party yesterday.

The young protestors tried to remind Noghaideli how many Georgian soldiers had died during the Russian aggression and called upon him to nullify the agreement.

The youth wing of the Movement for Fair Georgia released a special statement in response to the rally. They said that they were patriots not of the National Movement but the homeland. Zurab Targamadze, leader of the youth wing of the party, said that the greatest part of the Georgian population supported the resumption of dialogue with Russia and the prospect of reuniting Georgia via this dialogue.

"At numerous meetings of this kind we have been confirmed in this view, therefore our organisation is firm in its political course," Targamadze said. He said that the agreement signed between the Movement for Fair Georgia and Edinaia Rossia was just a component of the cooperation between the two parties and its importance will grow in the light of the monopolised media space in Georgia. (Rustavi 2)