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Iran discussing Karabakh

By Messenger Staff
Wednesday, March 3
Armenian expert in Iranian issues Sevak Sarukhanian thinks that Iran is concerned about the regulation of the Karabakh conflict because it does not want the Western military near its northern borders. The possible deployment of international peacekeeping forces in the Karabakh conflict zone is very much in Iranís regional interests, thinks Sarukhanian.

It is well known that some time ago Iran expressed a willingness to become a mediator in the negotiations between Azerbaijan and Armenia over Karabakh. It should also be mentioned that Iran has always recognised the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan but not taken any steps which could undermine Armenia.

Some time ago Iranís Ambassador to Armenia Seyed Ali Saqqaiyan stated that his country will do its best to normalise Armenian-Turkish relations and relations with Azerbaijan. He said that Iran will support any initiative designed to stabilise the situation in the region, but the deployment of peacekeeping forces around Karabakh should be organised by the conflicting sides themselves. However Iran has an opinion on where those peacekeeping forces should come from because Karabakh borders Iran.