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How should the common opposition candidate for Tbilisi Mayor be selected, through a primary, opinion polls or consultations?

WEdnesday, March 3
“After so many months of talk and discussion everyone is really tired. It makes no difference what method is used to select a joint candidate. The main thing is that they finally name their candidate. The elections are coming soon, but the opposition looks very disorganised and confused.”
Grigol, pensioner, 62

“Consultations among the main opposition forces should be enough to name the joint candidate. Opinion polls are a very weird way to reveal the candidate. As for primaries, this sounded a good enough idea, but I think there is no need to make such a big thing out of this issue. Consultations will be absolutely sufficient for making a decision.”
Nino, businesswoman, 32

“I supported the idea of primaries. The ordinary people should have a chance to decide which candidate they prefer. Unfortunately the scheme of holding primaries has been abandoned. Now it makes no difference for me whether the joint candidate is revealed through opinion polls or consultations.”
Shota, teacher, 46

“In my opinion there must be opinion polls and consultations. They must name their common candidate, then all the people will relax.”
Nana, pensioner, 57

“Not through a primary, but it does not otherwise matter whether they use opinion polls or consultations.”
Alexander, engineer, 36

“I think consultations are a better option, as each leader will agree on one candidate and there will be no problem. What they should all understand is that without unity they will lose.”
Liza, teacher, 32

“I think people should be questioned first, and only then should they introduce a joint candidate. Consultation is a farce because everyone wants to be the candidate and no one will compromise, so primaries or opinion polls would be better.”
Maka, student, 21

“I will vote for Ugulava and his team so I do not care who the opposition candidate will be, and anyway they will lose.”
Kakha, taxi driver, 51

“Primaries would be better, but it should be guaranteed that the results will not be rigged.”
Tazo, bank employee, 27