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Agricultural issues

By Messenger Staff
Tuesday, March 9
Agricultural issues always become very acute in the spring time when traditional agricultural activities start. The situation is quite serious in this field, as there is not enough machinery available and what can be found costs a lot to service. Fuel for the machinery is expensive as are fertilisers, seeds and other services.

Official statistics suggest that more than 30% of Georgia's land is not cultivated. Independent analysts however challenge this figure, suggesting that it is around 70%.

Agriculture analyst Tamaz Kunchulia, answering a question from Rezonansi, considers that the Government is not paying appropriate attention to the agricultural sector and all its moves there are PR oriented. Farmers take risks themselves which are not shared by the State. He insists that the Government should offer serious benefits to the farmers.

The Ministry of Agriculture has announced that it is initiating certain projects and tractors and other machinery has been purchased and distributed to the farmers. The Japanese Government has allotted around GEL 20 million for this purpose but all these efforts should be systematic and consistent.