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Do you think Government officials should be forced to take drug tests?

Tuesday, March 9
“Government officials should be forced to take drug tests.”
Alexander, student, 27

“Yes, I think so. I am confident that it is inevitable that Government officials will be forced to take drug tests and I will also add that I am sure that the biggest drug users are Government officials.”
Maiko, teacher, 54

“It will be very good if these drug tests will be made but unfortunately I am sure that no one will take the drug test because in my opinion most of the Government officials are using drugs and it is natural that they will protest. So in my opinion Government officials should be forced to take drug tests.”
Maria, unemployed, 35

“Not only Government members but all people who are somehow responsible for the citizens’ fate and future should take these. Drug using is an illness and our future should not be in hands of sick officials.”
Nina, teacher, 37

“If some Government member is a drug addict, he will never agree to the test if it is voluntary, it should be written in the law, somewhere officially.”
Gia, worker, 28

“It is often said that there are many drug addicts in the Georgian Government and not only in the Government. Perhaps these are only rumours but by this test such officials will be able to prove them wrong. They should be forced to by law, I think.”
Tamar, manager, 31

“Well the Government should generally care for others’ welfare. So I totally agree that it is up to the Government members to answer any questions about them being addicts by taking tests.”
Salome, interpreter, 23

“Drug addiction is the one of the most burning issues for Georgian society and it affects a variety of state of public authorities. I am definitely all for people passing any kind of tests especially those in the Government bodies to ensure the safety of the highest structures.”
Levan, accountant, 28

“It’s embarrassing that identifying the addicts among state officials has become essential in our country. Yes, I definitely think that the Government officials should be forced to take a test in order to set an example to others.”
Jemal, engineer, 45