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More about Larsi checkpoint

By Messenger Staff
Friday, March 12
As is known the Georgian leadership has stressed that the major incentive for reopening the Larsi checkpoint at the Georgian-Russian border was catering for Armenia's interests. We can see however that Armenian interests indirectly coincide with Russian interests.

A bitter joke which has recently become popular in Georgia is that the Larsi Armenian-Russian border has been opened. Statistics do show that mostly Armenian and Russian citizens have crossed this border in the last week. Rezonansi states that only two Georgians have crossed it, one in each direction.

Russian political analyst Sergey Makedonov thinks that the opening of the Larsi checkpoint has indirectly delayed the signing and ratifying of the Turkey-Armenia protocols on reestablishing diplomatic relations. He also thinks that the opening of the Larsi checkpoint will positively influence Armenia's economic development. Therefore he thinks that the speed with which Armenia wanted the Turkish side to ratify the protocols is not now as necessary as it would have been if the Larsi checkpoint had not been reopened.