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Agricultural issues

By Messenger Staff
Friday, March 12
However many optimistic remarks are made by the authorities the Georgian agricultural sector is far from prosperous. The global agricultural situation has not improved and independent experts say that it is in fact deteriorating.

In 2008 agriculture received GEL 71 million in budget financing. In 2009 this sum was increased to 113 million, but in 2010 it was halved, to 55 million. Up to 20 million of this amount will go on administrative expenses and salaries, so the sector itself will receive less than 35 million.

Agriculture's share of GDP decreased between 2003-2008. Production is continually decreasing, in particular in the segments where imported products compete with local ones, mostly vegetables. Agriculture needs thoughtful, consistent and guaranteed support as Georgia is still an agricultural country, with more than half of its population involved in agricultural activities.