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What can the Government do to help Georgian agriculture?

Friday, March 12
"The Georgian Government should subsidize certain areas of agriculture and introduce some irrigation technologies in order to increase the productivity of farms."
Zhora, farmer, 34

"The Government can do many things. First of all, Georgian villages and farmers need tractors and other kinds of machines to cultivate their fields with. After the harvest, Government representatives should also help them sell their products."
Nino, economist, 29

"There are too many activities which need to be undertaken in this direction, as the Georgian economy cannot survive without effective agriculture. Irrigation systems should work properly, especially in the Kakheti region, some kinds of grants should be given to farmers and so on."
Tina, teacher, 35

“I will be very glad if the Government of Georgia finally realises that agriculture is an important precondition for the country’s development. I think they have to first of all encourage people and supply them with all the necessary products and materials for working on the land.”
Anna, biologist, 32

“The Government should first of all give the people proper vehicles so they can work their land and also ensure that the products will be sent to the market properly.”
Nikoloz, pensioner, 62

“The Government can help the farmers sell their products on the Georgian market and even export them abroad. Instead it helps foreign importers bring Turkish and Armenian agricultural products into Georgia. The quality and price of imported products is low, that’s why Georgian agriculture is in a difficult condition currently.”
Vazha, businessman, 53

“I think the Government is doing quite a lot to help the agricultural sphere. There are a number of programmes promoting this field in the country, however nobody wants to work in the countryside. Everyone rushes to Tbilisi for a job. The villages are almost totally abandoned. In these circumstances there is not much the Government can do.”
Aleksandre, pensioner, 72

“The Agriculture Ministry should encourage people to get back to their villages and start farming businesses. Even the people still in the villages have only one or two cows and a few poultry, when they could have dozens. I think the Georgian people are a bit lazy. Why should a farmer buy products in the market, when he can grow them in his own garden?”
Rezo, teacher, 57