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Imedi simulation frightens business

By Messenger Staff
Thursday, March 18
The Imedi simulation of a Russian invasion is still the number one discussion topic in the Georgian media. Some analysts suggest that President Saakashvili’s comment that the form of the broadcast was clumsy but this is a quite realistic scenario of possible developments in Georgia is very scary for business. Soso Tsiskarishvili says that after hearing the President make such a statement only someone crazy would invest money in Georgia. Mocking the President’s statement, the analyst said that this was the best advertisement for investors.

The same position is taken by fellow analyst Avtandil Silagadze, who said that investments are decreasing anyway and such programmes make the situation even worse. Instead of the planned USD 1.7 billion in 2009 Georgia received around half a billion USD. Though President Saakashvili promised Georgia would receive around USD 2 billion this year Government prognoses are more modest, at USD 1.5 billion. However it is not yet known how much money will finally be invested here.