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Compiled by Keti Baramidze
Thursday, March 18
Lagidze has begun holding continual rallies outside French Embassy

Akhali Taoba writes that the Future Georgia Party has begun holding a continuous demonstration outside the French Embassy demanding the deoccupation of Georgia.

Leader of the party Giorgi Lagidze stated at the first rally that part of Georgia is still occupied by the Russians but Europe does nothing about this and contents itself with making statements against the Russians. He appealed to Europe to take effective steps to restore Georgia's territorial integrity.

"France has brokered the Sarkozy-Medvedev peace treaty, so it is obliged to demand Georgia’s deoccupation. It knows perfectly well that the treaty isn’t being complied with and Russian troops are still deployed in Georgia. So we require from European countries that they make Russia keep to all of the terms of the agreement. Our aim is to show the world that the Georgian people will never put up with their country’s annexation," said Giorgi Lagidze.

Baghaturia seeks bigger amnesty

Akhali Taoba writes that Georgian Troupe leader Jondi Baghaturia has met with the Christian-Democratic Movement (CDM) to discuss the possibility of conducting a large-scale amnesty.

“We have been calling for amnesties since Parliament first sat and as a result of our joint efforts more than 3,500 prisoners have been released and returned to their families. Only a very small minority of these have committed further crimes. This means that we aren’t mistaken in doing this and the steps taken by us are absolutely correct. However, we are very careful and still consider that the country isn’t ready for larger-scale amnesties, although in this way husbands are returned to their wives and children to their parents. That is our goal, to help people return to their families," said Baghaturia.

“Unfortunately the Government has not shown any interest in doing this but our party will do everything in its power to take definite steps and seek to improve the existing situation," George Akhvlediani of the Christian-Democrats said. The CDM is also planning to try and improve the present unbearable conditions in prisons.

Levan Gachechiladze’s hard choice

"It’s obvious that we don’t support the Alliance in vain. We have given them a vote of confidence so they should justify our hopes now. We have put forward Alasania’s candidature, and even more, given him an advantage over others and chosen him as our leader. This is such a huge moral responsibility that he will not be able to withdraw his candidature in any circumstances. Now we expect only action from him," Nukri Kantaria from Defend Georgia, Levan Gachechiladze's public movement, has told Versia.

On Sunday March 14 Levan Gachechiladze should have made a report to his supporters but this event did not take place. He said that he had not made the report due to Republican Party aggression against him. Nukri Kantaria said about this, “I have no idea what the Republicans are going to do and I‘ve said that the statements made by them were extremely sharp. But the reason why Gachechiladze has changed his mind is known only to him. Personally I think I must meet him to find out and will do so.

"Meanwhile, I’ve already told him that everything has its time and if you wait too long to do something it ceases to matter whether you decide something or not. There is a limit to everything and after this limit all decisions are ineffective. I told him he should make some kind of decision but his answer was that he himself knew well what to do and when."

Asked whether Defend Georgia would be established as a party and Levan Gachechiladze would put forward his candidature Kantaria said that it was too late for such things, although meetings have been held with Alasania and other members of the Alliance.

"Levan thinks that the elections will stimulate the process of revolution. I think declaring a revolution before elections are held in unacceptable. It will only baffle people. The electorate must be prepared to protect their votes, but let’s try and make changes by means of elections, as these may turn out to be the final examination for the Government and the opposition also," Kantaria said.