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What role will the Crimea play in the development of Russian-Ukrainian relations?

Tuesday, March 23
“I am not good at this issue, but I know that the majority of the people in Crimea are Russian, so I think it will play a useful role in the development of Russian-Ukrainian relations.”
Pavle, economist, 47

“Well in my opinion not a good one. It is impossible to develop any relations with Russia except aggressive ones. Show me any republic or country which can say that Russia is a reliable partner. You can't me because there are none.”
Maka, musician, 36

“Crimea might become the second Abkhazia and South Ossetia. Recently we have seen demonstrations by ethnic Russians living in that region of Ukraine demanding that it leaves Ukraine. I guess these rallies are being encouraged by The Kremlin, just as used to happen in Georgia’s breakaway regions.”
Andro, sociologist, 30

“I do not think Russia will really aggravate the situation in Ukraine using the Crimea issue. Moscow just maintains tension in the region in order to manipulate the Ukrainian Government. It is unlikely that Crimea will share the fate of Abkhazia and South Ossetia.”
Dato, engineer, 52

“After Yanukovich’s victory in the Presidential Elections I guess Russia and Ukraine will not have problems with each other, over Crimea or anything else. Yanukovich is openly pro-Russian, it is obvious.”
Keti, public relations manager, 28

"This is one more sign that Russia is an absolutely insatiable country. It has such an enormous territory but is still not satisfied. I am really sick of the Russian Government and its brutal nature."
Irakli, student, 20

"Ukraine is facing the danger Russia put Georgia in. The Russian Government is avoiding stating clearly its intentions towards Crimea, but they are obvious, especially when it has supporters in Crimea, I mean the Russian population there. Russia’s Government will do its best to use this population for its own interests, which will strain Russian-Ukrainian relations I think."
Nugzar, sociologist, 51

"For many years Russia has been developing a strategy for conquering other countries’ territories. There are ethnic Russian populations in some conflict areas and the Russian Government has always used them perfectly. If Ukraine is not very careful, it will lose Crimea."
Tina, historian, 41

“Well I have heard about the significance of Crimea from my parents which used to take holidays there. This is Ukrainian land and I can’t understand what Russia wants from it. Let everyone live his own life and leave others alone.”
Eka, housewife, 34